EDAPS introduces biometric portal in Kenya
15 January 2013 17:48 GMT

Online portal for biometrics could help government, business and citizens

The Kenyan Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration is to implement a method of biometric identification and verification for its citizens.

A biometric portal, provided by EDAPS.com, will be established that can be accessed by organizations that have access to the Integrated Population Registration System of Kenya (IPRS).

According to Gerald Otieno Kajwang, Minister for issues surrounding immigration and citizen registration, the introduction of a biometric verification system and production of electronic ID cards provide assurance of effective citizen identification.

There are numerous benefits according to EDAPS. For the state of Kenya these include:

  • effective fight against crime, terrorism and human trafficking;
  • timely registration of citizens and issue of identity documents;
  • timely and quality provision of public services to the population (registration and payment of pensions, social benefits, medical services, etc.);
  • precise definition of quantitative and qualitative composition of the population (beneficiaries, pensioners, voters, etc.).

For the citizens of Kenya benefits include:

  • a simplified scheme for registration and getting services in public and commercial structures (social protection funds, pension fund, health insurance, mobile operators and others);
  • a simplified and accelerated procedure for processing of various documents in government bodies, registration of bank loans, payment of fees, etc.
  • increased protection of information: excludes the use by swindlers for criminal purposes of personal data of law-abiding citizens

For businesses, benefits will include:

  • a simplification of registration procedures in public institutions (Tax Administration, ministries and departments, funds, etc.);
  • instant 100% verification of identity (banks, telephone operators, etc.). A bank clerk in a few seconds can make sure that the person who applies for a loan is really that particular person;
  • a speeding-up in customer service (issuing to a citizen of individual information on accounts, payments, etc.), which makes doing business more technological

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