Citi offers Asians smart biometric banking ATM
25 January 2013 11:40 GMT

Fingerprint ATM even prints out replacement cards

Citi has introduced a next-generation biometric-based banking machine – Citibank Express – that allows customers to do almost all of their banking without visiting a branch, including opening accounts and applying for loans, cards and cashier's checks.

Citibank Express is equipped with an online banking connection, video-conferencing and biometric capabilities for customer identity authentication. A customer can start a transaction on a computer or mobile device and complete it on Citibank Express-and vice versa.

The video below demonstrates the ATM's use of fingerprint recognition.

The first Citibank Express machines were unveiled this week in Citibank branches in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. The company plans to add in-branch and out-of-branch locations across Asia and globally later this year.

"Since Citi's founding in 1812, we have applied our passion for innovation to connect clients to the world," said Jonathan Larsen, Citi's Global Head of Retail Banking and Head of Consumer Banking, Asia Pacific. "Citibank Express is our most recent example of this innovative spirit and a big step towards our goal to be the world's digital bank. We believe it can significantly impact the way people bank across the globe."

Citibank Express's "split screen" makes navigation intuitive. The screen can display personalized promotions and offers, and allows clients to see and speak with a customer service representative on one screen while conducting business on the other. The machines have near field communication capabilities as well as scanning and embossing functions to allow for future roll-outs of functions such as instant printing of credit and ATM cards.