Face and voice biometrics to climb strongly
01 February 2013 17:51 GMT

Face and voice markets to climb strongly says report

Market research company, GIA, has announced the release of its findings into the face and voice biometrics market.

According to the company, the global market for the two biometric modalities is projected to reach US$2.9 billion by the year 2018, primarily driven by growing security concerns especially against the backdrop of increasing terrorist attacks, racial and ethnic disturbances, campus violence, random shootouts, riots, burglary, and physical assaults.

The research analysts argue that unlike other technologies, such as vein pattern scanning, fingerprint identification or hand geometry, all of which demand individuals to make some contact with the reader, facial and voice recognition technologies can establish an individual’s identity in a less intrusive way.

GIA says that thanks to the success of several government and commercial implementations, face and voice biometric technologies are now being well accepted in the field of Information Security. Voice biometrics is especially poised to succeed in this space having proven its worth in password reset applications for years.

In particular, voice recognition systems, say the report authors, are evolving into a mainstream commercial user authentication technology, achieving significant adoption in a range of customer-facing applications.

The authors say that the US continues to remain the largest regional market accounting for a majority share in global sales. Asia-Pacific currently is the fastest growing regional market with sales in the region waxing at a CAGR of about 28.5% over the analysis period. Face Biometrics represents the fastest growing product segment with sales waxing at a CAGR 19% over the analysis period.

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