Nuance uses voice biometrics to reset passwords
13 March 2013 14:32 GMT

Nuance Communications has introduced a password reset solution based on its voice biometric technology. Nuance FastReset allows employees to quickly and easily reset their own passwords simply by speaking.

Studies show that 20-30% of IT help desk calls are related to password reset issues, making this a key pain point for IT departments in enterprises of all sizes. With FastReset, employees use a phone or mobile phone to enrol their voiceprint, a process that takes less than a minute. When the employee needs to reset their password, they can use the Microsoft Windows login screen or call the automated system to speak a prompted phrase, such as “My voice is my password.” With a successful match of their voiceprint, their password is reset.

FastReset has out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Credential Provider, and works within an organization’s existing telephony infrastructure. FastReset includes robust administration tools for promoting and enforcing user voiceprint enrolments. Users can access the automated system via the standard Microsoft Windows login screen using built-in or external microphones, or by calling the automated system from any phone or mobile phone.