Crime busting police car contains biometrics
02 April 2013 21:23 GMT

Clever cop car fights crime on multiple fronts

A crime-busting Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer, installed with leading edge technology, including facial recognition, has won a challenge from the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to find a way of incorporating future technology into a police car.

The British-built Astra Sports Tourer features three computers and is armed with Facewatch forensics and facial-recognition software plus several high-quality cameras able to record activity around the vehicle. This CCTV footage can be streamed on-the-move and uploaded to Facewatch, an online crime database.  Facewatch also provides instant feeds of crimes reported through the system as they happen, including moving CCTV footage and images of suspects.

The car is designed for the iPhone generation with witness of crime photography collected via 3G connectivity. The vehicle is also equipped with software that predicts future crime hotspots.

A sophisticated black box, equipment that’s usually only found in aircraft, collects data on the Astra including speed, location and miles per gallon amongst numerous others.   

Officers are also able to dock Toughbook laptops and rugged smart phones.

To push the crime-fighting technology on even further, Vauxhall formed a consortium with specialist firms including Daetech Systems, TetraTAB, Airmax Group, Innaxys,Trans-tag, Kelvin Connect, Civica, Videolatitude, Imagebase and Facewatch.

“This British-built and converted Astra Sports Tourer will help make police officers more efficient. It becomes their office and allows them to spend more time on the road fighting crime,” said Dick Ellam, Vauxhall’s Special Vehicles Manager.

Facewatch claims to be the first online cloud-based crime reporting and communications system using social media and mobile tools to enable the public, businesses and the police to work together to beat crime.

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