Indian biometric ID could aid food delivery
12 July 2010 13:46 GMT

UIDAI suggests how biometrics can aid in food distribution

The UIDAI in India has published a paper that contemplates how its Unique Identification number (Aadhaar) project could help guarantee food delivery to the poor.

The country's Public Distribution System – the mainstay of India’s food programs – could quite easily integrate the ID number into its existing infrastructure, the paper explains.

This could be achieved in a phased approach - beginning with Aadhaar-based identification, and progressing towards Aadhaar-based authentication and an Aadhaar-enabled Management Information System (MIS).

The eventual nature of an Aadhaar-linked approach in PDS would depend on the particular benefits the government hopes to gain,. the paper says. Using Aadhaar solely for identification would enable clear targeting of PDS beneficiaries, the inclusion of marginal groups, and expanded coverage of the poor through the elimination of fakes and duplicates. Implementing Aadhaar-based authentication across PDS would enable the government to guarantee food delivery to the poor. In addition to powerfully streamlining PDS processes, an Aadhaar-enabled MIS would make possible a more transparent, flexible system, and enable the government to fulfil the objective of food security in times of crises.

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