Natural Security releases new privacy rules
08 May 2013 22:48 GMT

Securing privacy for its users is priority for Natural Security

Following recent consumer trials in France and with San Jose State University (SJSU) in the US, Natural Security has released new privacy rules surrounding its technology. The best practice guidelines are designed to guarantee the privacy and security of end-users for organisations implementing Natural Security technology.

Natural Security says privacy is inherent to its technology as it prevents the tracking of users and ensures no personal information is stored on any database. Instead biometric data is only stored on the user’s secure personal device and therefore is under the user’s control at all times.

Cedric Hozanne, CEO at Natural Security commented, “It is imperative that anyone implementing biometric authentication technology maintains the privacy and security of the end user at all times. One of our key differentiators is that no personal or biometric information ever needs to be stored anywhere other than on the user’s own device. Therefore, authentication will only work if they have that device on them at the time. This prevents the information being misused - a commonplace fear for people concerning biometrics - even if the device is lost or stolen.

“We wanted to make our privacy rules as simple as possible so the technology and user’s privacy is even more robust, it’s really something we believe should be industry standard. There is a lot of very technical terminology related to biometrics and authentication so we’ve outlined our definitions of key terms, as well as the rules.”

The latest rules set out guidelines for the data controller in a business surrounding type of data, access to data, data storage, traceability and security of data.

Natural Security has partnered with Wincor Nixdorf, Ingenico and leading French retailers for a consumer pilot, as well as Discover financial services and SJSU in the US to trial the technology.

The Privacy rules can be obtained by emailing the company at  

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