GenKey releases new version of its biometric SDK technology
12 August 2013 16:50 GMT

Increased speed and performance claimed by GenKey

GenKey, a provider of large-scale ID solutions, has released a new version of its biometric SDK technology, including FastAFIS and BioHASH.

The two products have been developed by GenKey’s Chicago-based R&D division. FastAFIS allows for extremely fast matching of fingerprints and is the core technology used in many biometric deduplication systems (AFIS) around the world. With a matching speed of hundreds of millions of matches per second on a single CPU core, it improves the overall matching speed of an AFIS system by orders of magnitude, the company claims.

BioHASH is an ISO 24745 compliant biometric matching technology; its templates can be stored in a secure way in databases or on 2D barcodes or low-cost RFID. This enables biometric verification services, while respecting security and privacy of the individuals.

The new release of the SDK suite is claimed to show significant performance improvements in terms of both speed and accuracy, and the possibility to successfully match people with poor quality fingerprints.

“The new release is the result of a multi-year R&D investment," says Michiel van der Veen, CEO of GenKey. “The updated technology will be the basis for further strengthening our position as the leading partner for biometric identity solutions in the Africa region.”

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