3D face recognition for International Sochi Airport
15 August 2013 17:46 GMT

3D face enhances worker access control system for Winter Olympics

The International airport of Sochi has taken delivery of a suite of new security systems - including 3D facial recognition and fingerprint technology - to enhance security in the run up to the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2014.

Built on a single software platform, the security network combines video analysis, biometric access control systems based on fingerprint and 3D facial geometry recognition, electronic passes, and situation management in accordance with various scenarios.

The project was completed in June by Elektronika.

One of the airport workers' access control systems was provided by Artec Group and consists of the company's Broadway 3D Face Recognition System.

The system is claimed to take less than a second to captures face surface information comprising about 40 thousand points.

Artec says the technology can identify a person on the move, or wearing hats or sunglasses. The system is also able to tell apart identical twins it is claimed.

Registration takes up to two seconds whereas throughput is 60 people per minute. The system is integrated into the security network and works in a verification mode. A biometric template of a user’s face is written on an access card.