On the cusp of mobile biometric technology adoption?
09 September 2013 14:19 GMT

David Benini, Editor, In Focus: Mobile Biometrics

by David Benini, Aware, Inc

In the months since our first white paper on Mobile Biometrics was first posted, there have been several developments that suggest we are on the cusp of a surge in mobile biometric technology adoption.

In July 2012, Apple acquired fingerprint sensor manufacturer Authentec. As we approach the anticipated iPhone launch date tomorrow, rumours abound, but consensus seems to be that the iPhone will in fact include a sensor.

There is further consensus that if Apple can successfully integrate a fingerprint sensor into a smart phone, we can expect to see rapid growth in use of biometric-based smart phone applications that did not follow their broad integration into laptops several years ago. We can also anticipate that application developers to quickly find fresh and innovative ways to make use of the sensors towards improved security.

On another important front, the US Government has provided seed funding to private industry towards improved cyber security; to essentially find alternatives to passwords to better secure our online interactions. This comes in the form of “NSTIC”, created and administrated by NIST to launch an open industry working group “IDESG” tasked with envisioning a new “identity ecosystem”. The goal is to specify models for secure online transactions for a wide range of applications in several verticals. Mobile solutions are on the forefront, and biometrics will play a role.

On a similar mission, the FIDO Alliance has defined a model utilizing existing security standards that proposes to eliminate passwords altogether. 

It’s expected that over the course of the next year, we will see these market dynamics converge to drive the introduction and adoption of biometrics–based applications and solutions for smart phones. We can only imagine what people will come up with, but it promises to make 2014 an interesting year for mobile biometric solution providers.

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