BAE demonstrates face and iris recognition
05 October 2010 20:36 GMT

BAE teams up and supports biometric industry players

BAE Systems has said that its investment in helping small and medium sized biometric businesses is delivering significant advances in face and iris recognition that could benefit national security.

The company says that an good example is the development of a technology demonstrator that integrates face and iris recognition into one prototype platform that can recognise subjects when they are on the move. The demonstrator is on display in BAE Systems exhibition at this years Farnborough International show.

The project combines the biometric capabilities of OmniPerception and Smart Sensors, the integration skills of Human Recognition Systems Ltd and the financial support, expertise and experience of BAE Systems. It has delivered a system that can identify and verify a subject from digital video and raise an alert to security operators to indicate the presence of that subject.

The system integrates face and iris recognition to provide a dual layer of security particularly useful in verifying individuals in highly populated environments where security is vital. Future applications could include mass transit systems and schemes that require high volume enrolment or verification such as airports, exhibitions, sporting and entertainment fixtures. The system uses information derived from key points around the face and eyes to identify a subject. Identification can be made using cameras at a variety of angles, so a direct face-on picture is not required particularly useful in crowded and busy environments.

BAE Systems Investment in Innovation programme was launched in 2008 and is a multi-million pound annual investment fund for small and medium sized organisations to develop technologies for the company's defence and security customers.