New Alliance to promote wireless biometric transactions
14 November 2013 11:39 GMT

New alliance hopes to merge wireless technology, personal devices and biometrics to create new payment system

Natural Security has announced the launch of the world’s first Alliance dedicated to create an open standard for securing transactions based on wireless technology and biometrics.

The Alliance is made up of 24 numerous influential companies from the retail, banking, payment provider, and IT communities. (To see which 24 companies click here).The aim is to create a payment mechanism that merges wireless technology, a personal device and biometrics.

The topics addressed by the new Alliance will include EMV-based face-to-face payments and cash withdrawals, online authentication and face-to-face payments for mobile wallets.

Jean-Pierre Viboud, Chairman of the Natural Security Alliance, commented: “The Alliance was formed to provide a collaborative space for all professionals who are interested in biometrics and new payment systems to share and develop ideas for an open standard.”

The Alliance has six main goals:

  • to seek members from all areas of the payments ecosystem;
  • to evangelize and educate the wider payments and consumer communities on the standard and other areas of authentication;
  • to promote and encourage the development of products using the standard;
  • to license manufacturers of products that use the standard;
  • to drive evolution of the specifications to fill requirements of the market;
  • to build an interoperability strategy including tests and certification processes for the standard.