Zwipe announces fingerprint-enabled smart card
16 January 2014 19:47 GMT

The evolution of the ID card

Zwipe has announced that it is to launch a contactless smart card credential with on-card fingerprint reading this year.

The wirelessly powered Zwipe biometric card lets users authenticate themselves directly on the ISO-standard thickness card using their fingerprint, in only one second.

The fingerprint data is captured by the on-card fingerprint scanner and is thereafter encrypted and stored only inside the card. No exchange of data is conducted with external systems, eliminating user concerns with privacy issues, the company claims.

Only the authorized card holder can activate card communication with the reader. When a positive match is obtained, the Zwipe biometric card will commence encrypted communication with the lock or reader in the same way as other ISO 14443 standard contactless smart cards.

The on-card fingerprint scanner with 3D capacitive technology resides on the contactless smart card, which has universal compatibility with all ISO 14443 readers, including aptiQ, iCLASS SE and other leading brands.

The biometric card is DESFIRE EV1 and MIFARE Classic compatible. Without having to change existing readers, the card is claimed to be able to provide an easy, low cost way for organizations to provide a biometric upgrade to access control systems using smart card readers or multi-technology readers that also read smart cards.

Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe said: “This is a natural evolution of the ID card. ID cards have evolved from the barcode to magnetic stripe to proximity to smart and, now, to biometrics on the card. No longer do organizations need to worry if someone not authorized to enter is using another person’s ID card. With the biometric directly on the card, they can be assured that the only people getting in are those authorized to do so.”

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