Getin Bank unveils Hitachi finger vein authentication technology
27 February 2014 15:03 GMT

Getin Bank unveils Hitachi finger vein authentication technology

Getin Bank has completed the first implementation in Poland of the self-service VTM branches called Getin Point. This solution has been jointly developed by Getin Noble Bank and two technology companies - Hitachi Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., and Wincor Nixdorf.

Getin Point is the latest generation of self-service bank branch that allows customers to perform the operations that are traditionally made in bank branches. VTM provides support for cash, payment of bills, setting up deposits, making transfers from the account, as well as setting up new accounts and instant issuance of payment cards. Getin Bank's VTM is a combination of different innovations in the market, from Finger Vein biometric authentication to instant card issuance.

In order to provide the full service to customers, including most of the traditional bank branch services, the VTM must have the appropriate level of security. VTM implemented in Getin Bank is equipped with the latest generation of identification document scanner so that the consultant is able to verify whether the customer ID card is valid. VTM allows customers to use a handwritten signature on documents, thanks to its secure hand-writing tablet. The whole process of the customer operation at the VTM is monitored in real time. However, the most important innovation for security is the introduction of biometric authentication using Hitachi's Finger Vein technology. By using a biometric scanner customers can log on to the system and authenticate each operation. Within the project in Getin Bank the concept of electronic signatures authenticated by biometrics was launched so that the customer can sign a contract with the bank. Finger Vein biometrics is becoming an increasingly popular method of authentication in Poland. It has previously been used primarily in ATMs and bank branches. In Poland there are over 120,000 active users of Finger Vein biometrics among bank customers.

VTM devices have so far been introduced in countries such as China, the USA and Turkey. In Europe there have been various pilot projects, however, it is Poland where Getin Bank has launched the first production network of VTM devices with Finger Vein biometric authentication.

"In recent years instead of theorizing we have focused on the real implementations of the most innovative banking solutions. The VTM project at Getin Bank is the beginning of our joint expansion with Hitachi in the Polish market for banking innovation using biometrics in self-service devices. I can assure that this will not be our last surprise for the Polish market this year."-said Adam Matyaszek, Vice President, General Manger of Banking at Wincor Nixdorf Sp. z o.o., responsible for managing the development strategy in the banking sector and financial institutions.