European Association for Biometrics elects first Honorary Member
06 March 2014 13:35 GMT

Bernard Didier

The General Assembly of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) has unanimously elected Dr. Bernard Didier as its first Honorary Member of The Association.

Didier, who recently retired from Morpho (Safran), has significantly contributed to the development of biometrics in Europe and globally. Under his leadership Morpho, which he founded in 1982, has grown to one of the undisputed market leaders in the global market of biometrics and identity.

EAB said that Didier not only promoted the continuous innovation in biometric technologies, but he also has contributed to the adoption of responsible practices in the use of biometrics by actively supporting Privacy by Design and sophisticated encryption technologies.

Didier commented: “Like any technology, the use of biometrics is not intrinsically good or bad; the real challenge is to strike a balance between freedom and security. It’s the role of governments and personal rights organizations to set up regulations allowing governments and business to use this technology correctly.”

Alexander Nouak, Chair of the EAB said: “For us it is an important encouragement to proceed with building a strong and competitive biometrics industry in Europe, taking into account that this technology should be deployed in a responsible manner."