Suprema live scanners deployed for Uganda voter registration
23 April 2014 16:16 GMT

Uganda to use biometrics for 2016 vote

Biometric company Suprema has announced it is providing Uganda with several thousand RealScan-G10 live scanners for citizen voter identification.

The scanners will be used for voter registration in the run up to the presidential elections, which are due to take place in 2016. The first supply has been the enrolment process, which commenced in April 2014.

Young S. Moon, Vice President, Suprema, said: "We expect the biometrics enrolment of citizens will allow the Ugandan authorities to increase efforts to better protect the identity of citizens additionally to registering them as voters."

RealScan-G10 is a compact live scanner for single and ten-print capture. The company says its IP54-rated dust and water resistant housing makes it suitable for indoor and mobile environments.

The project is being delivered by a Suprema global partner and authentication specialist, Zetes. Zetes has previously deployed biometric electoral and identification projects in several Africa countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Cape Verde, Burundi, Gabon and Chad.