Smart watch to get iris recognition
08 July 2014 13:34 GMT

New smart watch looks compelling - now they just need funds…

A new type of smart watch is about to be announced - if it can raise the funding - which boasts the use of iris recognition technology to secure its increasingly sensitive contents.

The FiDELYS watch will feature iris recognition from IriTech, wireless charging and NFC in a combination that the developers hope will attract funding via a crowdsourcing website (Indiegogo) when it goes live tomorrow (9 July).

The smart watch, which operates by clicking or turning the bezel, will communicate with a user's phone for email, messages, commerce, social networking, identity and access control. Not to mention various health related applications, such as heart rate, pedometer and so on.

If all goes well the watch will be available from the middle of next year for a reasonable sounding price tag of $250 - cheaper if you become an investor via Indiegogo.

According to the company, the iris image or template will not leave the device, with authentication done on-device in order to generate a public key that will match with server.