M2SYS announces FBI PIV certification for fingerprint/vein reader
15 July 2014 12:51 GMT

Combined print/vein solution gets FBI PIV accreditation

M2SYS Technology has announced that its M2-FuseID smart fingerprint (and vein) reader has received FBI Personal Identity Verification (PIV) certification. FBI PIV certification is viewed by the industry as a key characteristic to provide assurance to end users of biometric identification management systems that a product meets or exceeds FBI interoperability standards and quality specifications for civil ID and other commercial applications.

M2-FuseID is claimed to offer optimal security, reliability, and accuracy with sophisticated liveness detection to prevent spoofing and fraud. In addition to capturing a 500 dpi fingerprint image, the device concurrently captures the unique finger vein pattern inside the finger to ensure near 100% enrollment rates and accurate identification through smart scanning technology.

According to the company, the M2-FuseID reader is ideal for biometric data capture, identification, and verification in civil ID, banking/financial services, and other markets that require high levels of security and accuracy.

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