NexID joins FIDO Alliance
31 July 2014 18:17 GMT

NexID joins FIDO Alliance

NexID Biometrics has joined the FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium focused on strong authentication for online authentication.

“The decision to join FIDO Alliance stems from NexID’s mission to help make biometric authentication pervasive in use,” says Mark Cornett, COO, NexID. We believe the FIDO Alliance is a key element to furthering that vision, and are pleased to join the organisation’s members in that effort.”

“We are excited to welcome our newest associate member NexID Biometrics,” says Michael Barrett, FIDO Alliance president. “The FIDO vision of universal strong authentication promises better security, enhanced privacy, more commerce and expansion of services throughout digital industries. NexID Biometrics’ addition to our Alliance supports our industry goal to make user authentication easier and safer for all parties.”

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