Morpho launches Finger on the Fly
26 August 2014 17:19 GMT

Morpho launches contactless finger scanner

Morpho has announced the commercial launch what it claims is the world’s fastest contactless four finger scanner. Using advanced imaging technology, Finger on the Fly simultaneously captures four fingerprints from a single wave of the hand.

According to the firm, Finger on the Fly simultaneously delivers high security through multi finger matching, and extremely fast touchless convenience.

It adds: “Delivering high-resolution fingerprint capture in less than one second, Finger On the Fly is also the market’s fastest contactless biometric device.

“Finger on the Fly ensures that markets and industries which necessitate truly touchless operation can now also benefit from the world’s leading fingerprint technology from Morpho. Finger On the Fly is ideally suited for applications such as border control at airports, access control at sensitive and high traffic sites, flow management and a wide range of other situations where high speed enrolment and matching, as well as convenience and security are a priority.

“We are excited to revolutionise the fingerprint identification solutions market with this new product. Our teams have worked tirelessly to this end and we are truly proud of this achievement,” says Thomas Chenevier, senior vice president, Products and Innovation at Morpho. “As a world leader, Morpho is committed to continually innovate and advance biometric technologies.”

Finger on the Fly will be on display at the 2014 Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida from 16-18 September.



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