Warid Telecom rolls out biometric-based SIM activation across Pakistan
02 September 2014 11:57 GMT

Warid Telecom rolls out biometric verification of customers to meet compliance deadline

Warid Telecom has expanded its biometric verification solutions (BVS) network throughout Pakistan, ensuring that its customers are biometrically verified before a SIM card can be activated against their name.

The new biometric verification system asks customers to provide their fingerprints for authentication against CNIC data held with NADRA. After verification, the SIM is activated against customer's name in a process lasting approximately 15 seconds.

Warid Telecom first rolled out the BVS network in December last year at company business centres. In a second phase, around 2000 devices were installed at retailers across Karachi and Balochistan.

The third phase of BVS installations has seen the system extended to ensure Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) compliance and 10,000 devices have been deployed to all retailers across Pakistan.

PTA had previously announced that from August 1st, 2014, no SIM could be sold or activated without biometric verification.