Intel touts plans to ‘eliminate passwords’ through biometrics
11 September 2014 16:24 GMT

Intel's vision is that face and voice biometrics will be used to access all computing

A senior Intel staffer on Wednesday used a developer conference in San Francisco to present the chipmaker’s vision of how biometrics can replace passwords.

Speaking on stage at the Intel Developer Forum, Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of the firm’s PC client group said: “we have to eliminate passwords”.

“Very shortly we are going to be announcing products that are going to eliminate passwords from all computing, whether users are accessing websites or Windows,” said Skaugen.

“The average person has about 18 passwords, and has to change these every 90 days, which is a huge hassle. Just your voice, and your face will become your password”, he added.

At a later presentation, Dr Salil Prabhakar, president and CEO Delta ID, showcased the firm’s ActiveIRIS technology, an iris recognition technology running on an Intel Atom Z3500 processor series concept phone.

Just last week, Delta ID announced it has closed a $5 million Series A financing from Intel Capital and other strategic investors.

"We believe biometrics technology will increasingly become a part of how people interact with personal computing and mobile devices, enabling safer, more secure, and convenient user authentication," said Erik Reid, vice president of Intel's Mobile and Communications Group and general manager of its Tablet Business Unit on the deal.

Previously, Intel partners have predicted that the firm will make facial and voice recognition on PCs and tablets widely available in 2015.

As reported by CRN on 4 September, Intel earlier this year released a Perceptual Computing Software Developer's Kit (SDK) aimed at allowing applications to do facial analysis, speech recognition and close-range depth tracking.

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