Biometrics attendance scanners installed at historic English hotel
16 September 2014 11:51 GMT

Bodet’s biometric fingerprint scanner has been deployed at Stapleford Park Country House Hotel and Sporting Estate

Time and attendance firm Bodet has deployed biometric fingerprint scanners to provide accurate real-time staff attendance data for the HR and payroll teams at the historic Stapleford Park Country House Hotel and Sporting Estate in England's Leicestershire.

The firm said that like many hospitality venues, Stapleford Park employs a diverse range of personnel including casual and agency staff - meaning that accurate, reliable time and attendance data can be a problem.

In a press release, the company said that in response it has implemented a system that uses scanners to recognise each staff member's fingerprint, with these compared against stored profiles.

This data is sent directly to software on a main server which records identity and time. The software then generates customised reports of time and attendance for payroll and operational teams.

"We have over 150 employees who are working different shifts around the clock. It makes it very difficult to monitor staff attendance, especially on overnights and when people swap shifts. We used to use time sheets, but this is very time consuming, both for the non-salaried staff and for the payroll teams, " said Stapleford Park’s payroll adminstrator, Sally Hatton.

Thanks to Bodet's biometric system, "we now have reliable data and we now know exactly who’s on site and when. It also saves so much management time, " added Hatton.

The French-based Bodet Group has been developing time measurement products since the 1860s. The Group has five subsidiaries across Europe exporting to 60 countries and have expanded from clock-making into IT-based time and attendance, controlled access, school class change systems and sports scoreboards.

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