Canadian firm reveals details of heartbeat device
22 September 2014 17:04 GMT

Bionym says that electrocardiogram measurements are as unique as fingerprints (Wikicommons)

Toronto-based firm Bionym has confirmed that a wristband it has developed which authenticates identity using cardiac rhythms will be released this autumn.

Bionym CEO Karl Martin told local media on 20 September that the device has already had 10,000 preorders from around the world for the Nymi, ahead of a release “this fall”.

When users wear the wristband, electrodes in the device measure their electrocardiogram or ECG.

“Your ECG, which is normally used for health and medical purposes, is a unique biometric - like a fingerprint," Martin told the Toronto Star.

Nymi has two forms of authentication - the biometric aspect and a unique serial number on each device.

“It communicates to other devices using Bluetooth to bypass passwords and pins, unlock physical spaces, but also to provide a personalised experience,” Martin said.

In July, Bionym joined the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance. FIDO standards will make it easier for web services to leverage the Nymi as a secure authentication mechanism, without passwords.

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