China’s Alibaba joins Fido Alliance amid mobile payment momentum
23 September 2014 17:07 GMT

Alibaba has teamed up with Huawei on a smartphone thumbprint reader

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has joined the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry consortium delivering standards for simpler, stronger authentication (including biometrics) during online transactions, as a board member.

The move follows the news earlier this month that Alibaba had teamed up with Huawei on a smartphone fingerprint reader for its Alipay payments service. Alipay Wallet, an e-payment app which can handle online-to-offline payments, is set to be integrated into Huawei's “phablet” – the Mate 7.

Alipay will deploy FIDO technology for secure payments authentication with FIDO Alliance founding member Nok Nok Labs, Alibaba said in a press release.

“We look forward to participating on the FIDO Alliance board, and assuring that commerce and authentication are uniquely cooperative and seamlessly compatible,” said Ni Liang, Alibaba group, senior director, department of security.

“With their huge local and global influence, Alibaba is a very important addition to the FIDO ecosystem and a welcome member of the FIDO Alliance board of directors. The board will benefit greatly from Alibaba’s experience and influence throughout Asia,” said FIDO Alliance president Michael Barrett.

Alibaba's initial public offering debuted on Friday, raising a whopping $21.8 billion, netting underwriters of the sale a more than $300 million windfall. This has since risen to $25 billion, making it the world’s largest IPO.

Alipay also plans to plans to enable secure online payments via the fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

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