Security researcher spoofs iPhone 6’s fingerprint scanner
24 September 2014 15:07 GMT

Unsurprisingly, it is possible to create a fake fingerprint that fools the TouchID fingerprint sensor of the latest iPhones

The biometric fingerprint scanner in Apple’s iPhone6 can be fooled, but not as easily as before because there are sensor improvements, according to a researcher with a mobile security firm.

On his company blog, Marc Rogers, principal security researcher at Lookout, details the process of using glue to bypass the TouchID fingerprint scanner.

However, Rogers says “the sensor seems to be much more sensitive” writing that this is the result of a higher resolution scanning device.

He adds that there were far fewer false negatives, saying this was aided by the fact that the iPhone 6 appears to scan a much wider area of your fingerprint to improve reliability.

Rogers also points out that while the scanner isn’t completely secure, that this is true for any security device: “The sky isn't falling…it’s highly unlikely to be a threat for anything other than a targeted attack by a sophisticated individual…We use locks on our doors to keep criminals out not because they are perfect, but because they are both convenient and effective enough to meet most traditional threats.”

Media attention has intensified on the iPhone6's fingerprint scanner because it will play a key role in authenticating purchases for Apple's upcoming mobile payment service, Apple Pay.