Event to highlight biometrics in banking
07 October 2014 14:49 GMT

Biometrics ranging from fingerprints, voice authentication and even finger vein technology are making inroads into mobile banking.

The European Association for Biometrics is holding a seminar that aims to illustrate the benefits of biometric authentication to the banking world, with an event in London this month set to bring together banking organizations, academic experts and company CEOs.

The EAB seminar on 24 October in London will focus on customer interaction and operational efficiency, while exploring the opportunities arising for the banking industry from the gradual shift away from desktop computers towards smartphones and tablets.

“Biometric authentication offers a further optimisation of the consumer payment experience on smart devices, providing an easy, quick and secure mechanism to access the card details stored within an app and initiate payment,“ said Jonathan Vaux, Executive Director at Visa Europe, and a speaker at the event.

The EAB seminar will feature talks on aspects such as standards and security, the evolving landscape for electronic payments and biometric signatures for mobile devices. Attendees will also hear about biometric solutions for in-branch and mobile environment for internal and customer-facing usage.

‘Biometrics in Banking‘ will be held at Citibank’s headquarters on Canary Wharf from 10:30am to 5pm.

Focus on privacy

On the Monday following the banking event, the EAB is also holding a workshop on  ‘Preserving Privacy in an Age of Increased Surveillance - A Biometrics Perspective’.

The event, which will be hosted by IBM, will bring together experts and stakeholders from amongst end users, technology developers, researchers and subject matter experts to discuss the serious challenges that are posed to privacy by the application of biometrics technologies.

The details for this workshop can be found here.

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