FIDO Alliance president highlights flaws of Apple Pay
08 October 2014 17:40 GMT

China’s Alibaba Group joined the FIDO Alliance in September.

The president of the Fast IDentification Online Alliance (FIDO), an international consortium for the standardization of authentication technology, said on Monday that his body’s authentication technologies have a better chance of being adopted than rivals.

Speaking in the South Korean capital Seoul at a promontional event organised by fingerprint technology firm CrucialTec, Michael Barrett said: “FIDO’s open-standard technologies for authentication have a brighter future than any other authentication technologies."

Barrett also said FIDO’s authentication technology has a competitive edge over Apple’s Touch ID because Apple's fingerprint solution only allows a small fraction of the world’s smartphone users to shop on their mobile devices.

In an International Data Corporation study on worldwide smartphone operating systems released in August, Android had 84.7% of the global market in the second quarter of 2014 while iOS had just 11.7%.

The meeting was held as a build up to a FIDO Alliance plenary conference that will he hosted by CrucialTec’s head office in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province, from 7-9 October.

Barrett’s comments have met with a mixed response in some quarters.

“That might be true, Mr Barrett, but Apple caters to the higher end of the market where customers actually have money to spend. If a customer is buying a $99 Android special, do you think that they'll have much money to spend on anything else?” wrote an editorial in Patently Apple.

In other recent progress by FIDO in the Asia-Pacific, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba joined the alliance on 23 September, while in February it was revealed that PayPal and Samsung would jointly launch the first deployment of FIDO authentication.

The FIDO Alliance, officially launched in 2013, has 140 members, including CrucialTec, Samsung Electronics, PayPal, Lenovo, Google, Bank of America and Microsoft.

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