Fujitsu patents new vein authentication methods
21 October 2014 11:56 GMT

Fujitsu is developing new vein authentication devices.

Japanese electronics firm Fujitsu, seen as an industry leader in palm vein biometrics, has filed new patents in the US related to new vein authentication methods.

The firm has filed US Patent Application No. 20140294251, entitled “Vein Authentication Method, Image Processing Method, and Vein Authentication Device”. It protects a vein authentication device that can convert pixel values of an image, which captures an authentication site including veins, into frequency components.

The device further filters those components into low-frequency and high-frequency depending on the spatial relationship of veins within those image components.

It has also filed US Patent No. 8855378, which is entitled “Biometric Authentication Device and Method”. This patent protects a device that includes, an acquisition unit configured to repeatedly image a biological part of an authenticated person, while “changing a relative position with respect to the biological part so as to acquire time-series biological images”.

As was reported in IPWatchdog, this technology is similar to the previous patent in that it has been “designed to address drawbacks of surface reflection that can be created when light reflects off of the many non-planar surfaces of the human body”.

The many images captured in this system are composited so that the resulting image has no surface reflection, reports the website.

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