Automatic Facial Recognition: A Review
08 May 2014 13:27 GMT

Because face recognition is the most natural thing for any human being, facial recognition would appear to be the most natural of biometric techniques. Human face recognition is the most widely used way of identification or authentication of identity, and accounts for the presence of portraits on most of the identification documents that we carry in our purses and wallets, be it an ID card, driver license, credit card, library card or gym club card.

This apparent ease of use is the cause for many fantasies, inconsistencies and difficulties while implementing automatic face recognition systems in the field. Because the technology has an outstanding competitor : the human brain, trained from birth to somehow do the exact same thing.

There are many applications. Automatic facial recognition is actually used in civil spheres in order to guarantee the unique nature of identity documents and in military or law enforcement applications, since the human face easily leaves “traces” when crimes are recorded by CCTV cameras or the cameras of witnesses.

In an effort to answer the increasing number of questions being put forward, Morpho has taken stock of facial recognition in general, its use, the state of the art of the technology and its technical and commercial potential.

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