Calgary Police to solve more crime with facial recognition
04 November 2014 15:21 GMT

NEC solution to help Canadian police solve more crime using facial biometrics

NEC has announced that its NeoFace Reveal facial recognition solution has been selected by the City of Calgary, Canada, and the Calgary Police Service (CPS). The Calgary Police Service awarded NEC the contract following an open (Request for Proposal) procurement for a facial recognition-based criminal identification system. CPS becomes the first law enforcement agency in Canada to obtain facial recognition capabilities, NEC said.

“Facial recognition software is yet another tool for our investigators to assist in providing leads to identify potential persons of interest in criminal investigations,” said Inspector Rosemary Hawkins, Calgary Police Service. “Similar to fingerprint and DNA evidence capture at scenes, facial recognition will create efficiencies by providing more viable leads for investigators.”

Similar to a fingerprint latent capture and search subsystem, NeoFace Reveal will enable CPS to scan and enhance even poor quality latent facial images.

Raffie Beroukhim, vice president, NEC Biometrics Solutions Division, commented: “Our NeoFace Reveal advanced criminal investigative system is an integral part of NEC’s Safer Cities platform.2 We are confident that our NeoFace solution will enable CPS to solve even more crimes in a timelier manner and better serve Calgary’s public safety and security needs.”

Using NeoFace Reveal images can be retrieved from either previously captured still photos or pre-recorded video streams and matched against a master facial image database for identification of individuals.

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