Fingerprint, iris spoofing competition seeks entrants
24 November 2014 19:13 GMT

Liveness detection is becoming increasingly important as biometrics are embedded into more mobile devices.

A competition that challenges academic and private institutions to present solutions to fingerprint or iris spoofing is set to hold its fourth edition, with organisers saying it will play a “crucial” role in evaluating the current state of the technology.

Organised jointly by electronic engineering and computing departments from Italy’s University of Cagliari and the US’s Clarkson University, LivDet 2015 focuses on liveness detection, a technique used to determine the vitality of a submitted biometric.

“It is well-known that a fingerprint verification system can be deceived by submitting artificial reproductions of fingerprints made up of silicon or gelatine to the electronic capture device (optical or capacitive). These images are then processed as ‘true fingerprints’," said the organisers.

“The LivDet competitions … have shown themselves to provide a crucial look at the current state of the art in detection schemes."

The goal is to compare different methodologies for software-based fingerprint liveness detection.

"The shared dataset is a benchmark which is useful for research and development," Stephanie Schuckers, associate professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Clarkson University, told Planet Biometrics"Researchers are also able to utilize the dataset after the competition is complete."  

To enter, participants must submit algorithms which will be evaluated by utilizing a very large data set of “fake” and “live” fingerprint images captured by three devices. The registration deadline is 31 December, 2014, and submissions must be made by 31 January, 2015.

In September, security researcher Marc Rogers detailed a spoofing process using glue and fake fingerprints that enabled him to bypass the TouchID fingerprint scanner featured on Apple's iPhone 6.

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