Synaptics unveils FIDO-ready, fingerprint reader touchpad
10 December 2014 15:48 GMT

The SecurePad has a sensor area measuring 4 x 10 mm and can read digits in any orientation.

Californian biometrics technology firm Synaptics has launched a new range of touchpads with embedded fingerprint readers.

The SecurePad, which will use touch rather than a swipe, has a sensor area measuring 4 x 10 mm and can read digits in any orientation. It also meets the Fast Identity Online Alliance standards published this week which aim to replaces the era of passwords with universal authentication.

The SecurePad enables password-free security and login to any online service that supports the FIDO Unified Authentication Framework (UAF). Instead of creating passwords, end users complete a fingerprint authentication on the laptop to register a public/private key pair, unique to the laptop, the user account, and the online service.

To login to the laptop or to websites, the end user simply performs the same fingerprint authentication, initiating a cryptographically secure challenge/response. As a result, the solution does away with storing password databases in the cloud, thwarting the efforts of thieves to steal and exploit consumer passwords.

“Digital security has never been more important to consumers as it is today and while users understand the necessity for protecting their digital information, username and passwords are no longer a reliable method of security against today’s cyber threats,” said Patrick Moorhead, founder, president and principle analyst for Moor Insight and Strategy.

“The growing adoption of fingerprint ID technology gives OEMs the opportunity to implement modern security solutions that give consumers a convenient and easy-to-use method for protecting their data.”

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