Baltimore credit union trials facial recognition ATMs
07 January 2015 09:08 GMT

For multiple transactions, the software continually scans the member's face.

Baltimore’s Securityplus Federal Credit Union is trialling an ATM that authenticates users for transactions using facial recognition technology.

Staff from the lender say the ATMs, which were developed by the Virginia Beach-based biometric firm Real Time Kiosks, can be used for most of the transactions that a live teller can perform.

Members can enrol at ATMs with their membership numbers, which take a picture of their face and keeping that image on file, reported the Credit Union Journal.

Facial recognition is then used for all future transactions, although members can also use the kiosk by entering an eight-digit PIN number.

For multiple transactions, the software continually scans the member's face. If a new face appears, the transaction stops.

The ideas for the ATM was pursued after Securityplus FCU staff said a fingerprint-based solution was too cumbersome and time consuming for its 30,000 members.
Facial recognition is performed as customers approach the ATM to conduct a transition, though they can also use the kiosk by entering their eight-digit pin number.

"The software doesn't care if you are wearing a hat or if your hairstyle changes, it is looking at your face," said Securityplus FCU Senior Systems Engineer Mike Adams told the trade journal.

"I was part of the testing team, and the technology is quite astounding," said Securityplus AVP of Marketing Mary Ely. "We are proud to say that we may be one of the very first CU's that will incorporate biometrics into a teller kiosk that can do just about any transaction that a live teller can."

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