Getting Started: Annual Review
18 December 2014 11:59 GMT

The biometrics industry has undergone a rapid evolution in 2014, with technologies advancing at breakneck speed and mass adoption appearing much closer than in previous years.

There is growing interest in biometrics as a solution to most aspects of modern life, ranging from voting technology to retail, crime solving, health and anti-terror measures – and everything in between. Biometrics is also at the heart of sweeping trends like mobile payments, the Internet of Things, and government identity.

But this bright new future will come with caveats.

Citizens in developing and developed worlds expect biometrics to secure their bank accounts, purchases and ballot boxes without fault - but are these expectations too great? How does the industry plan to answer the crucial challenges related to identity, privacy and data security in 2015?

These are the kind of important questions Planet Biometrics hopes to tackles in this annual review - which we will add to over the coming weeks.

We have invited industry experts from different field to give independent, vendor neutral, “state of the industry” comments that explain where the industry is from their point of view. Expect to read about the major drivers and detractors that are impacting operations, and also how the industry will progress in the year ahead.

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