DFT unveils fingerprint app for mobiles that uses device’s camera, not sensor
18 December 2014 11:31 GMT

DFT says ONYX 4 has a highly-intuitive, brand new user interface.

Alabama-based Biometric IT security firm Diamond Fortress Technologies (DFT) has launched ONYX 4, a new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software that uses a device’s camera, and not sensors, to verify the user’s identity.

"After months of research and refinements, ONYX 4 has a highly-intuitive, brand new user interface, “ said DFT CEO Chace Hatcher. “Coupled with back-end technology improvements and our partnership with the global leader in matching algorithms, Innovatrics, ONYX 4 is leaps and bounds ahead of not only any competing system, but also ahead of previous versions of ONYX."

ONYX captures an image of the user's finger using smartphones’ rear-facing camera, and then processes the image into a mathematical template. That template can be used to subsequently verify the user's identity by matching future prints against the initial print the user captured when they enrolled in the ONYX system.

Acquisition of a users print now takes approximately 300ms, compared with 700-900ms in earlier versions. Prior to ONYX 4, ones finger had to be very close to the same position it was in when originally enrolled to obtain a match. Now, the users finger can be positioned differently, have a fair degree of roll, be closer or farther away from the camera, and the prints will not only match, but match with a higher degree of certainty than before. One must simply hold their finger in the camera field of view for only part of a second and ONYX does the rest.

Hatcher said that earlier versions of ONYX software were not as intuitive as enterprises required, so Diamond Fortress spent months studying, testing, and refining the user experience.

“Working with Innovatrics has also given ONYX the interoperability our clients have requested. We can now match against existing databases, even if they contain only inked prints, and the speed is mind-blowing says Will Lucas, Chief Engineer at Diamond Fortress. Indeed, ONYX 4, when running on an optimal server, can search up to 10,000,000 records per second to find a matching print.”