Sonavation confirms launch of IDKey biometric password manager
13 January 2015 13:59 GMT

Users can simply connect to the IDKey through a USB socket, or Wifi or Bluetooth.

Ultrasound fingerprint sensor developer Sonavation has confirmed the development details of a personal file and password manager known as the IDKey that it launched last week at CES 2015.

The IDKey is a USB stick-sized device that stores multiple passwords and features an ultrasound fingerprint reader for authentication.

Users can simply connect to the IDKey through a USB socket, or Wifi or Bluetooth, and the use features such as a voice search and its OLED screen display to edit and store passwords.

The multi-factor authentication device is also a “FIDO Ready” U2F/UAF solution, meaning that it meets the (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance body’s interoperability and security standards.

Planet Biometrics reported on the product’s launch earlier this month, noting that it will be shipped in March at a retail price of $279, and that it uses three-dimensional images of ridges and whorls, and measures the size and placement of pores.

Sonavation’s ultrasound technology is seen as harder to spoof than the systems such as the Touch ID sensor used by Apple in its iPhones and iPads.

"The current state of passwords is broken," said Bob Stewart, COO, Sonavation. "Today, a hacker's biggest opportunity is through the digital front door, which is often left open due to poor password security. We've seen multiple instances of this in the past few months alone -- from the iCloud disaster to the recent Sony hack.

"The best approach to locking this door is with biometric technology. As our fingerprint scanning technology is the most well-developed and sound biometric approach, with IDKEY, we're committed to giving consumers and businesses the most secure environment possible."

In December, Planet Biometrics reported that Sonavation had acquired the assets of Arkami. The firm was best known for the development of myIDkey – a  thumb drive-sized password management device similar in size to the IDKey that used fingerprint and voice authentication.

Users access a Google Chrome extension to use Sonavation's IDKey to sign into online accounts.

The IDKey is plugged in via a USB connection, and users then swipe their finger to see a list of the accounts  stored in the device. IDKey will autofill passwords.

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