Company Spotlight: Speed Identity
08 August 2018 17:14 GMT

Company spotlights have been created to give firms operating in the biometrics industry an opportunity to discuss trends, product innovations and achievements. These interviews also offer readers insight into a company's outlook, history and future directions.

Tell us a bit about your company and how it fits into the biometric and identity ecosystem?

Speed Identity integrate leading biometric sensors into well-designed, ergonomic and user-friendly all-in-one Biometric Registration systems, mainly for security-document application use cases.

Our experience and knowledge in “biometric” photography is a core value since we supply systems that deliver high and homogenous face photos, also when the systems are used in many different locations with differences in ambient light conditions.

What do you see as most important drivers and detractors for the biometrics industry and your company over the coming year?

As focus shifts from sensor performance and fingerprint data quality to process efficiency, total cost of ownership and overall system performance, our modern solution will be requested more and more – if compared with traditional “separate components connected to a PC” solutions.

These traditional solutions are normally the cheapest to purchase but are normally based on consumer products to a large extent and very costly to maintain over long contract periods. They are also not very efficient from a process standpoint where average enrolment time (and supervisor time) are much greater than for our systems that can be used in full “self-service” mode.

Will the sheer speed that identities are verified play an increasingly important role in enrollment and capture?

Very likely so! This will also trigger more and more use-cases where biometrics is used in ID verification since it is by design more reliable as a means of verification. And those customers demanding efficient biometric data capture solutions will be prospective customers of ours.

Can you tell us something unique about your firm that not many people would know?

Theoretically, the “best” face photos are captured by professional photographers with professional equipment in very controlled illumination environments. However, when 400 different photographers all supply “good” photos for documents, the database photo population will be very heterogenous – the pictures will individually be “good” but they will differ a lot from each other, which is not good for 1:N matching purposes. Speed Identity solves that problem by offering high-quality photo capture with standardized photo environment based mainly on industrial-grade components to ensure high, homogenous photo quality. And controlled product life-cycles.

Through our deliveries to various countries’ ministries of Foreign Affairs, Speed Identity has installations in over 120 countries. With the Estonian and Swedish Road Authorities we supplied the first ever known “Biometric Live Capture” solutions, and Speed Identity equipment was also the first to supply Biometric Data to the EU-VIS via our contract with the Swedish Migration Board (Swedish MoFA).

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