European Biometrics Symposium

25 February 2015
National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Hampton Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW 11 0LW

Commercial and technical developments regarding biometrics are following up on each other in a rapid pace. Never has the uptake of biometrics for consumer services been so strong. The biggest drivers seem to be mobile applications and cloud based authentication solutions. This symposium will zoom into the various factors that shape these developments in Europe, such as user acceptance, state of the art research, privacy and data protection. Understanding these factors will open up the large opportunities that currently characterize this market.

With the continuous erosion of the borders between convenience and surveillance there is a need for analysis and debate on what our free society needs to keep the balance. State of the art research should not only be engaged in increasing the capturing and storing capabilities, but also on how to do this responsibly. In the ‘After Snowden Era’ there seems to be more awareness and need for products that protect privacy while offering convenience to the end users. A proper response by the research and development community will create new opportunities to capitalize on that.

The European context, which is unique for its diversity, interdependence, heritage and values, creates special requirements and opportunities for the development of biometric solutions and services to maximise the benefit for the citizens and to protect society from any possible adverse side effects.

Entrance fees: normal: 280,00 € (225,00 £) / EAB members: 80,00 € (65,00 £)


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