BI2 Technologies and Grabba to work on mobile biometrics
30 November 2015 12:03 GMT

Massachusetts-based biometrics firm BI2 Technologies has revealed plans to work with Australian device reader company Grabba International on mobile biometric identification, data capture and verification devices.

The joint licensing and marketing agreement between the firms will see BI2 grant a license for its patented Mobile Recognition and Information System (MORIS) technology to Grabba.

Grabba will integrate, manufacture and offer BI2’s MORIS iris and facial biometric technologies as an option with its mobile data capture and verification devices.

“[The] MORIS patented, multimodal biometric identification technologies are a perfect expansion of Grabba’s existing capabilities that currently offer up to eight different data capture and verification technologies in the one device,” said Sean G. Mullin, President and CEO of BI2 Technologies.

Frank Downes, President and CEO of Grabba International, said, “The addition of BI2’s patented and award winning mobile iris and facial biometric identification technologies to our industry-leading suite of data capture and verification devices is groundbreaking. We can now offer 10 different modalities including integrated mobile, fingerprint, iris and facial biometric identification technologies on our one-of-a-kind device that works with multiple Smartphones, Tablets and PDAs.”

Under the agreement, all authorized Grabba users at the federal, state and local level in the U.S. will also obtain access to BI2 Technologies’  national, criminal offender and convicted sex offender databases.