FIDO Alliance appoints Egis to board
30 November 2015 12:00 GMT

Chinese fingerprint sensor technology firm Egis has become the latest addition to the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance’s board.

In a statement, the FIDO Alliance  wrote that Egis has been active at every membership level in the development of FIDO standards since it joined in 2013 – the year the industry consortium was founded.

“Egis has been a true contributor to the success of FIDO Alliance, and I enthusiastically welcome Egis to our board of directors,” said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. 

“Egis was among the first organizations based in Asia to appreciate the strategic potential of our open standards initiative and joined us in 2013 to help develop the global ecosystem for FIDO authentication. At every level of membership, Egis has used their presence as a global biometrics provider, and contributed an understanding of the region to raise awareness of FIDO authentication and promote its value throughout Asia.”

FIDO has been developing Open and scalable standards to provide an alternative to passwords, with biometrics playing a key role.

“Providing our customers with a simple, convenient, and secure digital life experience is a top priority for us during this BYOD generation due to secure and reliable authentication issues across multiple devices and access points,” said Steve Ro, Chairman and CEO of Egis.

“With our influence and background, we are proud to become a board member of the FIDO Alliance and continue to develop simpler and more secure authentication solutions that over time can eliminate the reliance on passwords.”

In June, the United States’ NSTIC/NIST  and United Kingdom Office of the Cabinet joined a membership section which FIDO says was designed so government agencies can directly participate in the development of FIDO authentication standards. 

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