HYPR Corp launches biometric tokenization platform
21 July 2015 16:07 GMT

HYPR ensures user data never leaves the device, but authentication still takes place on the server side

Biometrics-as-a-Service provider HYPR Corp. has announced the general availability of its Biometric Tokenization SDK for third party integration. The SDK is designed to enable enterprises to seamlessly implement biometric authentication in any application.

According to the company, users may leverage biometric devices, such as phones and tablets, to authenticate with fingerprint, facial or voice recognition. It includes mobile and desktop client libraries, as well as server side software, to enable biometric tokenization.

Unlike other biometric security protocols, says the company, the HYPR platform allows users to authenticate actions without ever transmitting biometric data across the Internet. Rather than storing user data on a centralized server, with HYPR that data is kept securely offline. Instead, HYPR tokenizes the biometric data and marries the convenience of a mobile biometric device with the security of public key cryptography. This means the user data never leaves the device, but authentication still takes place on the server side.

The HYPR SDK is an "add-on" piece of software. Instead of replacing a company's authentication scheme, HYPR adds biometric authentication compatibility to an existing infrastructure.

The platform enables companies and their users to leverage modern-day biometric sensors on trusted consumer devices to replace password-based entry – without having to worry about storing user credentials, explains the company. This biometric tokenization approach eliminates the risk of storing biometric data online, says HYPR.

George Avetisov, CEO of HYPR Corp. said: "When we started building the HYPR platform, there was one mobile device on the market with a fingerprint reader. By the end of 2016, analysts project over a billion biometric-enabled devices will be in Internet users' hands. We're ensuring that companies are utilizing those biometric devices the right way, and that user data is kept safe.”

According to the company, the HYPR SDK is currently in deployment across a number of banks, which are implementing biometric security solutions for use cases ranging from internal employee authentication to their consumer-facing mobile apps. Mobile wallets and even Bitcoin platforms also are integrating HYPR to prevent payment fraud across their user base.