FIDO certifies more products
30 November 2015 11:16 GMT

The FIDO Alliance has announced there are 62 FIDO Certified products after the most recent round of FIDO Alliance testing of products for compliance to the FIDO 1.0 specifications.

Newly certified FIDO 1.0 products include FIDO authenticators and servers from Egis, Feitian, GoTrust, MicroStrategy, Sensory, SK Planet, and Synaptics.

FIDO Certification testing is available to anyone building implementations of the FIDO 1.0 specifications. Certification testing is based on industry-standard best practices to objectively evaluate technical implementations of the FIDO 1.0 specifications, which are Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) and Universal 2nd Factor (U2F). Both FIDO Alliance member and non-member organisations participated in this second round of FIDO certification testings conducted in July.

“We are very pleased to see the diverse range of new FIDO Certified products from the most recent round of compliance testing. FIDO 1.0 specifications are designed to be flexible and future-proof, accommodating a variety of modalities and transport bindings,” says Brett McDowell, FIDO Alliance executive director. “The innovative products coming through our FIDO certification programme come in a variety of forms to accommodate the many diverse organisations ready to deploy simpler, stronger FIDO authentication.”

“We’re proud to contribute to the FIDO Alliance mission of driving towards password-free convenience and high security,” says Ritu Favre, senior vice president, general manager, Biometrics Product Division, Synaptics. “FIDO Certification accelerates adoption of Synaptics' Match-in-Sensor architecture by ensuring interoperability among the growing ecosystem of FIDO compliant products and online services.”

The growing ecosystem of FIDO products and services enables companies, organisations and individuals to move beyond using passwords for security by adding FIDO U2F second-factor devices and/or eliminating passwords entirely through FIDO UAF biometric solutions such as fingerprint or iris recognition sensors. If biometric data is used by a FIDO authenticator, the biometric information never leaves the device. FIDO authentication to the cloud is always performed by means of industry standard public key cryptography.

The next FIDO Certified interoperability testing events are scheduled for FIDO UAF on 22 September and for FIDO U2F on 5 October.

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