First-ever Rapid DNA results uploaded to UK database
17 August 2015 14:26 GMT

Rapid DNA results have been uploaded for first time to the United Kingdom’s national DNA Database.

US firm IntegenX announced on August 11 that the National DNA Database (NDNAD), has had forensic DNA profiles uploaded from its RapidHIT System.

More than five million forensic DNA profiles have been uploaded into NDNAD.

The samples that were uploaded using the RapidHIT System were collected from individuals suspected of a crime, in custody suites, and processed by Key Forensic Services as part of a program to run all samples from arrested suspects as part of their routine service offering. RapidHIT profiles are completed in less than two hours from start to finish.

“We’re thrilled to be the first Rapid DNA platform to have our technology provide rapid results to such a prestigious DNA database,” stated Robert Schueren, President and CEO of IntegenX Inc. “Such uploads, in addition to the numerous samples from the RapidHIT that have gone into the U.S. Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), demonstrate the importance rapid results may have in helping to solve crime.”

Currently, it takes days for samples to be analysed, but last July, the UK Home Office invested £431,000 in development of 'Rapid DNA' tech.  Those funds were given to the Police Innovation Fund to forces in Lancashire and Nottingham to introduce faster DNA procedures.

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