Facebook launches face recognition tool in India
27 August 2015 07:55 GMT

Facebook has launched a facial recognition tool in India that it withheld in Europe due to privacy legislation concerns.

Called “Moments”, the app groups photo albums together using face recognition algorithms. While adding photos of friends, Moments scan your camera roll for familiar photos and quickly syncs them

Users can also search for photos of themselves, and friends.

In June, Facebook said that EU laws prevented it from releasing the feature in Europe.

"Regulators have told us we have to offer an opt-in choice to people to do this," Facebook's head of policy in Europe, Richard Allan, told The Wall Street Journal in June. "We don’t have an opt-in mechanism so it is turned off until we develop one." Allan adds that there's currently no timeline for Facebook to develop such an option.

In 2011, the EU launched action against Facebook for having its facial-recognition photo-tagging feature on by default, leading the social network to suspend the feature in Europe a year later.

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