California University reports 300% ROI on biometrics
08 November 2010 20:49 GMT

Money saved using biometric employee management

Cal Poly Pomona Foundation - part of California State University - has reportedly realized a 300% return on investment in biometric technology during its first year of deployment.

It had implemented M2SYS Technology’s biometric fingerprint technology with its Kronos time and attendance software, enabling employees to use fingerprint readers to clock in and clock out at the beginning and end of shifts and lunch breaks.

Cal Poly Pomona Foundation identified several time and attendance challenges which led them to implement biometric fingerprint technology. The problems included backlogs during check-in/check-out, decreases in payroll staff productivity to reconcile time stamp errors and buddy punching. It was seeking to incorporate a biometric check-in/check-out interface that eliminated backlogs and sped up the process to decrease lost employee productivity.

After implementing biometric technology, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation estimates at least 10 employment service staff hours were saved per pay cycle by eliminating the need for supervisors to authorize hours in the system after processing. This equates to 10 hours per cycle, 20 hours per month and approximately 240 hours per year which they have been able to allocate to other projects and initiatives. They estimate savings of $15,000 per year through a $5,000 investment in biometric technology.

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