JENETRIC sensor combines user display, fingerprint area
24 September 2015 13:06 GMT

German biometrics firm JENETRIC has revealed a transparent image sensor based on optical TFT technology that combines the fingerprint capture area with the user display for instructions and real-time feedback.

Known as "LIVETOUCH quattro", the firm says the scanner is fully two thirds smaller than conventional devices and is the first device fully certified to the FBI standard for Mobile ID FAP 60. The graphical display beneath the sensor is used for both illuminating the capture area as well as for displaying the user instructions. That way, prisms, lenses and mirrors used in traditional fingerprint scanners become obsolete.

"The LIVETOUCH technology opens up new possibilities for capturing biometric features. Finally we are able to combine the highest image quality requirements with incredibly simple operation. Our customers not only save time and money, but they also increase the public acceptance of using fingerprint systems", says Roberto Wolfer, one of the founders and CEOs of JENETRIC GmbH.

The very close proximity of the finger and the image sensor improves the image contrast significantly. The "LIVETOUCH quattro" achieves an excellent image quality going clearly beyond the strict FBI requirements. Being able to show graphical elements, animations or movies on the integrated display avoids errors due to incorrect positioning of fingers and makes the product an ideal solution for self-service terminals.

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