EU: Biometrics will weed terrorists out from migrants
06 October 2015 12:19 GMT

The European Commission's deputy chief said on Monday that biometric registration of migrants and refugees would help keep Islamist militants out of Europe.

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said that fingerprinting and identity management would help the European Union better handle a record influx of refugees and migrants.

"Simply by fingerprinting people on arrival … If done properly you can filter out the terrorists. What I don't like is that some people use this argument against all refugees from everywhere, (saying), 'But terrorists will arrive among them'," he said.

"That is the lamest excuse that is being used for not taking your international responsibility," Timmermans added. "If we do our jobs and we make sure as soon as people arrive they are finger-printed and identified, then that problem doesn't exist."

He added militants would not even join the refugee stream if they knew they would be fingerprinted on arrival.

On 30 September, Italy’s government said hotspots will be created in the country where authorities can fingerprint migrants, and that it will now allow force to be used in gathering biometric data.

The initiatives will be launched at immigration centres to be run jointly by European officials and local police, according to the official in charge of implementing national immigration policy. 

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