EAB notes rising banking interest in upcoming seminars
09 October 2015 13:29 GMT

The European Association for Biometrics has revealed that over 45 banks are participating in upcoming seminars on biometrics and banking it has organised in London and Frankfurt.

On 16 October, the EAB will be organising its fourth seminar Biometrics in Banking and Payments, in London at CCT Venues, Thames Quay. Almost 20 banks have registered, such as Tesco Bank, Boursorama Banque, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tesco Bank, Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, Credit Suisse, ABN AMRO Bank, Metro Bank and Barclays.

Waldemar Grudzien, Director Director Retail Banking and Banking Technology at the Association of German Banks and member of the EAB Advisory Council, commented on the interest:

“In this era of increased mobility biometrics is a unique tool for facilitating convenient authentication using a range of smart mobile devices. The seminar ‘Biometrics in Banking and Payments’ is a unique opportunity for stakeholders to exchange experiences and ideas on the implementation of biometrics in the broader financial industry.”

EAB notes that the high level of interest of banks and other financial institutions can be explained by the important role that biometrics is starting to play in remote authentication as a second or third factor.

"Depending on the kind of application biometrics such as behavior, voice and face are capable of performing continuous authentication without the user to perform extra efforts. New fingerprint-on-card technologies enable smooth chipcard activation and therefore deliver an improved user experience."

 This new role of biometrics of providing convenient authentication is combined with a higher level of assurance regarding the physical identity of the person. 

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