Citigroup and Diebold reveal iris-scanning ATM plans
30 November 2015 10:49 GMT

ATM innovation firm Diebold and banking giants Citigroup have revealed a joint pilot project which would enable customers to make withdrawals using iris scans and smartphones.

According to a report on NBC News, users would schedule withdraws on their Smartphone.When they get to the ATM, they would simply use the eye scanner which would scan their iris.

Citigroup has already begun trial-testing a brand-new “Irving” model, which is based on Diebold’s “Responsive Banking Concept” revealed last year.

The screen-less, self-service device dispenses cash while eliminating the need of a PIN pad, physical screen or card reader.

"This is part of the growing awareness of biometrics and biotechnology in daily life," Richard Harris, Diebold's vice president of new technology, incubation, and design, told CBS News. "Citi is looking from the consumer perspective to see what customer acceptance would be with this kind of technology. They are looking to see what customer acceptance is around biometrics, to see where acceptance of biometrics is in the US population and around the globe."

"I think in five years or so, the idea of carrying a card, or frankly, even carrying a mobile device will be obsolete," Harris speculated. "You'll just have to present yourself via eye scan or a fingerprint scan, and that will be it. You'll be able to access that data without the phone or without the card."

In the report, NBC noted that other major US banks including JP Morgan chase were also considering pilots of the technology.

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